Oyster concept development

Whilst at Queen’s University Belfast, Dr Folley, a director of ARR, completed the research that launched the development of Oyster by Aquamarine Power Ltd. Although flap-type wave energy converters had been considered for decades, it was the work of Dr Folley that resulted in an understanding of the hydrodynamics, which supported the design of Oyster. A number of Dr Folley’s peer-reviewed papers on this subject are listed below and can be obtained upon request. Many flap-type wave energy converters have and continue to be proposed, the work of Dr Folley enables these concepts to be optimised.

Dr Folley has gained the ability to develop fundamental understandings of wave energy converters through three decades of dedicated research in this area. Does your hydrodynamics team have this depth of experience? How could your wave energy converter project be enhanced with insight developed by working with Applied Renewables Research Ltd? Contact ARR to discuss how we could help.

Papers on flap-type wave energy converter hydrodynamics and design

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Whittaker, T. and Folley, M. [2012]. Nearshore Oscillating Wave Surge Converters and the Development of Oyster. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 370: 345-364