IEC wave resource standards

Dr Folley, a director of ARR, is chair of the IEC committee responsible for the development of International Standards for wave energy resource assessment and characterisation since 2009, when it was first proposed. To achieve this Dr Folley has worked with international experts from academia and industry to produce an International Standard for the wave energy resource. The first Technical Specification for this standard was published in 2015 and is available through the IEC website.

The chair of this important committee was awarded to Dr Folley in recognition of the extensive work he has done in this area. Specifically, Dr Folley has looked at the representation of the wave climate in the context of extracting wave energy, which requires a different perspective to a traditional wave climate study that may be undertaken for a harbour or conventional offshore structure. Details of papers published by Dr Folley in this area are listed below and are available on request.

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Papers on wave energy resource assessment

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